Work carried out

See some of our work and projects carried out with solar panels in different areas.

10Kw solar farm - Selling energy to Iberdrola In this case, the small solar farm was built in 2014. Our client, despite the fact that he no longer had any subsidies

Self-consumption for Companies; Catering - hotel and catering sector. New installation of solar panels for self-consumption on a flat roof for an important company in the catering sector. In this case we executed the installation

Solar panels - Self-consumption in industrial building 42,4kW Industrial self-consumption on the roof of an industrial building; Installation of solar panels for self-consumption in Cartagena, executed on the roof of an industrial building, consisting of 128

La Aljorra - Installation of solar panels on industrial roof 10 Kw FRONIUS SYMO 10.0 In this case, we have made the installation of 9.95Kwp for our client in La Aljorra, company