Self-consumption FRONIUS Primo 5.0 Kw - Santa Ana, Cartagena

Installation of solar panels #A Self-consumption Fronius Primo 5.0 Kw with Jinko solar panels

In this situation, we have an east-west facing roof. The particularity of this roof gives us the advantage of being able to distribute the maximum output of our installation. In this way, we avoid having peak production in the central hours of the day and we maximise the self-consumption direct early in the day and late in the day.


Each particular case requires specific solutions, and in the case of ICIDE Solar Energy we have the experience and tools to design the most optimal installation for your needs.


And how could it be otherwise; the execution of the installation has been carried out taking care of all the details, complying with the regulations and always taking care of the aesthetics and symmetry of the wiring.

At ICIDE we are official Fronius serviceWe guarantee that your installation will meet the highest quality standards.

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