On-farm self-consumption - FRONIUS SYMO 10.0 kW - La Aljorra, Cartagena

La Aljorra - Installation of solar panels on industrial rooftop of 10 Kw FRONIUS SYMO 10.0

In this case, we have installed 9.95 kWp for our client in La Aljorra, a company in the agricultural sector that now reduces consumption in its facilities in a totally ecological way and without the noise of diesel generators. For this we have used the ICIDE structure and brand investors Fronius.

Installation of solar panels for #Autoconsumption in a poultry farm in La Aljorra.

Thanks to this installation, our client sees his energy bill reduced month by month, and in summer he already notices a reduction in the temperature in that part of the building due to the shade generated by the solar panels.

If you have a poultry or pig farm in the region of Murcia, contact us and ask for a personalised offer. The return deadline for this type of investment is 4-5 years and if well maintained, the lifetime is several decades.

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