Installation of solar panels in Torre Pacheco

Installation of solar panels in Torre Pachecho for self-consumption with Fronius Primo 5.0 Kw inverter.

On this occasion, we have carried out the installation of solar panels in Torre Pacheco for our client using the east-west orientation.

Installing the panels with a co-planar structure taking advantage of the slope of the roof is a viable and possible solution that provides better architectural integration, lower structural costs and avoids the problems caused by shadows and wind resistance.

With an EAST-WEST orientation, we are able to extend production for more hours per day at the cost of reducing peak power. This allows us to oversize the solar field and maximise the yield of our inverter.

Photovoltaic installation EAST-WEST
Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

The finish, as it could not be otherwise, always under the tube without leaving cables in sight and taking care of the details to the maximum. In addition, the execution is always carried out with future maintenance and a possible extension of solar panels in mind.

Remember that we are official service Fronius.

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