50% IBI rebate Cartagena (Murcia); Installation of solar panels for self-consumption

50% IBI rebate Cartagena (Murcia)Installation of solar panels for self-consumption.

On the website of the city council of Cartagena the following has been published link all the information related to the IBI rebate in the region of Cartagena. In this article we will try to summarise the requirements and the keys to successfully apply for the IBI tax rebate.

The text in question, Article 7(2) states;

b) Incorporation of systems for the thermal or electrical use of solar energy: A bonus of 50% will be applied. to constructions, facilities or works incorporating systems for the thermal or electrical utilisation of the energy of the solar energy for self-consumptionThe same shall not apply if they are not compulsory under the relevant regulations.

Cartagena IBI Regulations

6.6. Installations for the thermal or electrical use of solar energy.
6.6.1 Residential properties, except those of new construction, and rustic properties, in which systems for the thermal or electrical use of solar energy have been installed, will be entitled to a rebate of 50% of the full tax quota.

6.6.2 This bonus shall have on a rota basis, with a maximum duration of three years shall be calculated from the tax period following the date of installation and shall not exceed annually the amount of one third of the total cost of the installation.

6.6.3 The application of this bonus shall be conditional on compliance with the following conditions following requirements:

  • that the installations for heat production include collectors that have the corresponding approval by the competent Administration.
  • they are sized to cover the total requirements of the buildings in which they are installed.
  • which are intended for self-consumption.
  • which has been carried out voluntarily by the taxable person and which does not meet obligations arising from the legislation in force.
  • the total rebate may not exceed the cost of the installation.In the case of residential use subject to the horizontal property regime, it shall be passed on to each beneficiary in accordance with their share of participation in the community.

6.6.4. The application, duly formalised, must be accompanied by the following documentation:

Cadastral reference of the property. A copy of the title deed is only required if the tax receipts are not in the name of the owner of the property.

Detailed installation invoice and report with the technical characteristics of the system that has been installed: model and type of the solar energy system, the date and place of installation of the system.

-List of all the properties for which the rebate is requested, with the identification of their respective owners. In the event that some of them do not coincide with the owners of the tax receipts, in order to be able to access this discount, said owners will be obliged to present the appropriate application for a change of ownership together with the corresponding documentation.

-Copy of the prescriptive municipal planning permission.

Certificate of completion of the installationsigned by a competent technician, and endorsed by the corresponding Official College.

Report of the Municipal Technical Office certifying that such installation is not compulsory in accordance with the specific regulations on the matter.

IBI rebates in other municipalities

Cartagena is not the only municipality that offers this type of rebates in the Real Estate Tax. Here is a list of the other localities that also apply it and to what extent:

Municipality% reductionDurationApplicable useLimitations
Abarán25-503ResidentialPot. > 2kWp,
25% for properties with a cadastral value >50.000 €.
50% for the rest
Cieza20-405All40% if thermal and electrical installation. Power. > 3,3 kWp/100 m2
Lorquí25ResidentialThat the installed power fully covers the energy needs of the dwellings in buildings
Mazarrón255Residential That the installed power fully covers the energy needs of the dwellings in buildings
Molina de Segura403Residential Power. >2 kWp
Santomera403Residential Power. >2 kWp
San Javier50Residential
Cotillas Towers155Residential
Yecla505AllMinimum investment of 6000

If you are considering installing solar panels for self-consumption and you have doubts about how to apply for the IBI rebate from the Cartagena City CouncilPlease contact us and we will advise you personally.

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