Solar pergola installation in Murcia

Installation of solar panels with solar pergola in Murcia (Cartagena)

This installation of solar panels with solar pergola required our service of structures for photovoltaic panels for the customised manufacture of a pergola for the installation of solar panels and clean and functional architectural integration.

Installation selected by FRONIUS as a success story and example, here we leave you the link so you can see the special that they have dedicated to us;

Thanks to this photovoltaic installation for self-consumption, our client obtains savings of more than 40% on his bill.


The structure was attached to the hidden part of the tower on its three inner sides to make the visual impact more pleasing, symmetrical and better looking.


The choice of the inverter to be used was easy; FRONIUS Primo 4.0 Kw inverter, with integrated monitoring and 7 years warranty as standard. Installed in the garage, the closest place to the main switchboard and with provision for interfacing with an electric vehicle charger.

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