Configure Huawei wifi inverter

How to connect wifi from the router to the Huawei inverter in the Fusion Solar application on your Android device

1. First step is to connect to the local wifi of the Huawei inverter. Click on the name of the inverter:

Note: You must disconnect from any wifi or mobile data connection you may have.

2. It will ask for a password which will be: Changeme

And click on "connect".

3. Now that we are connected to the inverter's local wifi, we enter the solar fusion application and click on the 3 dots "...".

4. A window will appear at the bottom of the screen and click on "Commissioning the device".

5. Scan the QR code of the inverter or select it manually.

6.  Now it will ask for a username and password, select Installer and the password will be 00000a.

And click on "Access".

7. In the inverter window, click on "Settings".

8. In the next step we will click on "Communication settings".

9. Now click on "Router connection settings".

10. In this last window, select the router from the drop-down menu, enter the router's password and then click on connect.

Note: If the signal is good enough it should connect within a few moments.

11. Now the connection will turn green and the inverter will be connected to the router's wifi.

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