Why install solar panels? Self-consumption at home

Do you want to know why you should install solar panels in your home? We give you a series of good reasons to switch to self-consumption at home.

There are many reasons to install solar panels for self-consumption in your home, such as the savings you will make in electricity consumption or the reduction of your carbon emissions, but there are surely some others you do not know about. But surely there are some others that you don't know about. Would you like to review them with us?

But first...

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy produced by the sun.which reaches us in the form of radiation, light and heat. It is an inexhaustible and non-polluting source of energy that comes directly from our star. All living things, to one extent or another, need this energy to live, and we are no exception. Plants, for example, exploit this solar energy to carry out photosynthesis and convert inorganic elements into food.

How is solar energy harnessed?

Solar energy is converted into electrical energy or heat by means of various systems, the most common of which in homes is the use of solar panels and thermal panels.

The photovoltaic solar cells These panels convert the sunlight directly into electricity by the photoelectric effect. Certain materials, such as silicon, are capable of absorb photons (light particles) and release electronsThe solar panels, on the other hand, use materials that absorb and concentrate solar heat, which heats the water in a tank. Thermal panels, on the other hand, use materials that absorb and concentrate solar heat, which heats the water in a tank and then distributes it throughout the house via pipes.

You already know what solar energy is and how you can take advantage of it. Now, let's take a look at these reasons to install solar panels for self-consumption in your home.

Reasons to install self-consumption solar panels at home

Save on your electricity bill

With a self-sufficiency of 80% you can save up to 70% per year on your electricity bill.

This is the first reason to install solar panels for self-consumption, the first reason to install solar panels. savings that you will have to pay every month on your electricity bill. Having a photovoltaic installation at home is like having a small power plant on your roof that will supply you with electricity on a daily basis at a much lower cost than conventional suppliers. This means two things: On the one hand, you generate your own energy, much more cheaply than the one sold to you by the electricity companies; on the other hand, reduce your dependence on the gridand therefore you stop paying for that electricity you no longer consume.

Offset your surpluses

You can feed unused energy back into the grid and be compensated for it.

If saving energy is not enough for you, think about what it would mean to be able to feed the surplus energy you do not consume at home back into the grid. With the appropriate permits and approving your installation, you will be able to return the electricity you do not consume to the gridSo every month, in addition to what you save directly, you will have that extra reduction on your bill.

Solar energy is subsidised

Solar energy installations for self-consumption can take advantage of two types of aid: direct subsidies, such as those offered to companies by the ERDF funds; or the IBI deduction of up to a 50% rebate for dwellings.

We have two articles on the blog that you can consult if you want more information:

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Increase the value of your home

A photovoltaic installation increases the value of your house in proportion to the savings that solar energy makes on your electricity bill.

Recent studies carried out in the US and Australia, by real estate platforms such as Zillow or REA Group and institutions such as the LBL (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), have determined that the value of a house with solar panels for self-consumption can be increased by up to 5%. Furthermore, the same studies have calculated that homes with solar panels sell up to 20% faster than those without, and in 80% of cases, having a photovoltaic installation was the deciding factor for the purchase of a new home.

Gains in stability and self-sufficiency

Energy prices tend to fluctuate with the market and become more expensive at certain times. By reducing your dependence on energy suppliers, you also reduce the impact of these price variations on your bill.

With a self-consumption photovoltaic installation you will not have this problem. Once the initial investment has been made, the electricity you generate from your panels will always have the following benefits a constant and predictable cost which you will be able to monitor independently of market rises.

On the other hand, fossil fuels suffer from the same price fluctuations and the trend is for them to become more and more expensive. You may be thinking that this does not affect you, but what if you were to generate your electricity with a diesel genset? Have you ever thought that you could also avoid these fluctuations to charge the batteries of your electric car?

At ICIDE we install charging points for electric cars!

Low operating costs, high guarantees

Solar panels require maintenance every three years and offer an operational guarantee of up to 25 years.

This makes the operational costs of a self-consumption installation are really low. In comparison, other energy generation systems require more regular and much more costly maintenance. As you know, panels do not need fuel or consumables to work, as they are static elements they do not suffer wear and tear and thanks to new technologies you can have your installation monitored at all times through a mobile application.

What guarantees do self-consumption solar installations offer? Up to 7 years, extendable for items such as inverters and Fronius and up to 25 years of operation of the panels. In other words, we guarantee that your solar panel installation will be producing energy for 25 years. Think of the savings it will bring you!

You'll have electricity where no one else has it

A photovoltaic system for self-consumption can provide you with energy where the grid does not reach.

This type of installation, the off-grid, combines the production of solar energy in the panels with the accumulation of this energy in a battery system. The energy you don't consume is energy that is stored. for later use. This stored energy will always be available for you to use when you need it. And as you consume it, it will be stored again depending on production. This ensures that you can have energy wherever you live, no matter how remote the location of your home, and without relying on anything but the sun!

Reduce your carbon emissions

Photovoltaic installations for self-consumption do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere when producing energy, thus reducing your emissions.

By not relying on anything other than the sun to produce energy, once your installation is up and running you will see your carbon footprint reduced day after day. By not relying on large utilities, you also don't contribute to the pollution they generate when producing electricity. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source.The solar energy system is environmentally friendly and contributes to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. A solar installation emissions and avoids the emission of hundreds of tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere throughout its lifetime.

Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology and materials, a photovoltaic installation amortises its manufacturing cost in terms of pollution and energy consumption in little more than a year. In other words, in the first year your solar panels will have generated all the energy consumed in their manufacture.

These have been our reasons for deciding to go solar, we hope that they have cleared up any doubts you may have and that this will help you decide to switch to self-consumption.

Now, tell us yours, What are your reasons for installing solar panels for self-consumption at home?

And if you want to know more, contact us o ask us for advice

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