Installation of solar panels in Campos del Rio

Self-consumption Fronius Primo 3.0 Kw + Fronius Primo 6.0 Kw of solar panels in Campos del Río

In this case, we have made a double installation. On the one hand, the house on the right has 24 solar panels of 270Wp with Fronius Primo 6.0 Kw inverter and the house on the left has 10 solar panels of 270Wp and Fronius Primo 3.0 Kw inverter.


Photovoltaic solar panels can be installed on both pitched roofs with tiles and flat roofs with gravel. Optimising the available space to the maximum and making a "tailor-made suit" for each particular case.

If you would like to receive a quotation for such an installation, Click here to apply for it.

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