Solar farm 10Kwp - Energy sales

10Kw solar farm - Sale of energy to Iberdrola

In this case, the small solar garden was realised in 2014.

Our client, despite no longer having any subsidies or premiums for renewables, decided to build this photovoltaic energy installation to sell to Iberdrola at the regulated market price.


The installation has 40 REC solar panels of 245Wp installed together with a 10Kw SMA grid connection inverter. In addition to protections and individual derivation to evacuate the energy to the grid.


Currently, these types of installations are still being implemented, and there are currently no premiums or subsidies for these cases of selling energy to the grid. On the other hand, the current prices of the equipment and the current price of energy make it an attractive medium-term investment. Currently the sale of energy in the pool market is between 6-7 cents €/kWh.

On the other hand, where this type of installation is really interesting is in industry, businesses and homes. Self-consumption installations to reduce consumption from the electricity grid, where electricity costs between 12-18 cents €/Kwh.

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