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Do you like to set sail from the harbour of Cartagena on Friday afternoon for a great sailing weekend? Or would you prefer to take advantage of your summer holidays to spend a couple of weeks in La Manga with your sailing boat? Buy Mastervolt in our shop in Cartagena. We ship all over Europe, no matter in which port you are located. Since you will always need electricity to power your boat's systems, buying Mastervolt equipment is the best answer.

Comfort and safety are key elements in the use of marine electronic equipment. On board, the Mastervolt system ensures that you don't have to worry about a thing.

What is Mastervolt?

If we had to define Mastervolt in just three words, they would be avant-garde, quality and reliability. Mastervolt is a highly successful company that has been committed to innovation since it was founded in 1991. Product development takes place in three sophisticated R&D centres in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Auckland (New Zealand) and Wisconsin (USA), where its engineers are continuously looking for new ways to combine revolutionary technology with optimal performance. 

Mastervolt offers integrated electrical systems that generate, store, convert or manage alternating and direct current. They achieve this through the use of high quality digital switching technology, energy storage using lithium-ion batteries and efficient and easy-to-use chargers/inverters. 

This ensures that everyone working with a Mastervolt system can always see the right information about each system component. Whether on board, in the garage or remotely, system analyses are always easy to perform. This ensures a reliable and worry-free power supply system, allowing boaters to enjoy on-board electricity with complete confidence.

Throughout its history Mastervolt has remained at the cutting edge of technology. Indeed, its highly skilled engineers are responsible for bringing the technology of the future into the present to achieve the highest possible performance.

In our new catalogue you will find the following categories of articles:

-Mastervolt sine wave inverters

-Mastervolt battery chargers

-Mastervolt inverter/charger combinations (Combi)

Sine wave inverters Mastervolt AC Master, Mastervolt Mass Sine, Mastervolt Mass Sine Ultra

Sine wave inverters - We are expanding our Mastervolt catalogue

Mastervolt AC Master Inverters

These affordable sine wave inverters convert 12 or 24V battery voltage into reliable mains power, making them ideal for recreational and semi-professional applications.

Mastervolt Mass Sine Inverters

These high-quality sine wave inverters have been proving their worth under the most extreme conditions for more than twenty-five years. Although the dimensions and connections of the various models remain unchanged, the technology has evolved, allowing fast, efficient and individual replacement with minimal downtime.

Mastervolt Mass Sine Ultra Inverters

This model is designed for professional applications with high power requirements and extends the Mass Sine series. With an AC power of 4 kW, the Mass Sine meets the most demanding energy requirements perfectly. The latest technology increases efficiency and allows the operation of several units in parallel and in three-phase configuration.

Battery chargers Mastervolt Mass, Mastervolt ChargeMaster and Mastervolt ChargeMaster Plus

Battery chargers We expand our Mastervolt catalogue

Mastervolt Mass series chargers

For the toughest tasks in professional and semi-professional situations. With integrated alarm functions and various certificates, the Mass is the best choice for professionals.

ChargeMaster and ChargeMaster Plus series Mastervolt chargers

ChargeMaster series chargers are suitable for recreational or semi-professional use. It is easy to install, features a detailed display and easy controls. The ChargeMaster safely charges multiple battery banks simultaneously, anywhere in the world.

However, the ChargeMaster Plus is the new generation of battery chargers that will gradually replace the ChargeMaster. It combines three battery chargers, a battery isolator and a VSR (voltage sensing relay) in one compact device. This all-in-one solution can charge all batteries, no matter where you are. CZone compatible models are available.

Inverter/charger combinations Mastervolt CombiMaster, Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra and Mastervolt Mass Combi Pro

Inverter Charger Combinations We are extending our Mastervolt catalogue.

Mastervolt CombiMaster Inverter Charger

Mastervolt's latest innovation provides unrivalled performance at an unprecedented price by offering the best of both worlds: an advanced battery charger and a silent inverter, combined in one compact device. CombiMaster is easy to install, without the need for specialist knowledge, thanks to the plug&play function.

CombiMaster is compatible with MasterBus, CZone and NMEA2000 communication systems, it has a power rating of 1600 to 2600 W. It is suitable for recreational and semi-professional use.

Inverter charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Ultra

The Mass Combi Ultra is more compact, robust and efficient. In addition to ease of installation and high performance, the Combi Ultra has a number of advantages that distinguish it from its competitors, such as full performance at high temperatures, its integrated solar charge controller and separate grid and generator inputs. Up to ten units can be connected in parallel plus a three-phase power supply. Available for systems ranging from 3000 W to 40kW and designed for professional and semi-professional use.

Inverter charger Mastervolt Mass Combi Pro

Mass Combi Pro is the perfect solution for professional use. This version has all the features of the Mass Combi Ultra, but without solar charging input and secondary charger. The Pro version is characterised by an optimal balance between durability, versatility and price.

Buy Mastervolt in our Cartagena shop

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